DVDBuilder 5.0

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DVDBuilder 2.8 is the latest version of this freeware program developed by Keronsoft. We can download this product quite easily from the developer's website. This program allows us to convert mpeg files to DVD, playable in any computer and DVD home player. From the Main Window, we can go step-by-step with following the four main tabs, that is Adding MPEG Files, Selecting Menu Style, Creating DVD structure Files and Burning DVD. There are several option along the process, such as selecting PAL or NTSC, adding text, choosing a background, arrows, the DVD output path, etc. The files uploaded must be the right mpeg files; otherwise, the software will convert them to this format. We must avoid this possibility as it takes a long time to convert the files and the window cannot be minimized in the meantime. Therefore, it is time consuming and affects our computer’s performance. This program can only converts mpeg to DVD, so if we need more features we can look elsewhere or there is another program called DVDBuilder Pro, which includes this one. Every time we open the freeware program, we will have to wait invariantly for 30 seconds until the reminder add window can be closed.

Review summary


  • Freeware


  • It cannot be minimized
  • Every time we open the program we have to wait for 30 seconds until we can close the reminder add window
  • It takes ages to convert a small mpeg file
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